Preserving our Democratic institutions

At first glance, I thought it was pointless to remove President Trump from office two weeks before being replaced by the 2020 president-elect. I knew Trump’s recent actions, specifically his January 6th, 2021 speech to supporters on the National Mall, was wrong. Still, in two weeks…

Demonstrating Gratitude on Christmas

Gratitude is about expectation management.

The holiday season brings a plethora of emotions, both good and bad. It also brings out the best, (and sometimes worst), in our children. As I parent, I know well the nervous apprehension of watching my child open presents in front…

In 1999, I was a teenager traveling from my father’s house in Michigan to Arkansas to visit my grandparents. On my way south, I noticed subtle differences in the social atmospheres surrounding me. People waved, honked less, and spent more time at four-way stop signs to ensure everyone safely made…

Brandon Smith

I am a father, husband, thinker, writer, leader, explorer and entrepreneur. I am sharing my thoughts with the world and leaving my digital impression.

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